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Jul 20, 2009

My Dental Plan

God knows how long I've waited for this day.

Finally, I got the right dentist (perhaps) who can cater to my needs..

Yesterday mama and I went to the dentist to have our teeth checked. The dentist refused to treat any of my tooth problem first as I do have TMJ Deficiency.

So after series of Q&A, here's the plan:

  • They need a TMJ x-ray first
  • The X-ray would determine what appliance I need
  • The appliance will take 6 months to fix my TMJD
  • Then after, I can get my treatments done- fillings, etc.
  • Then orthodontics/braces follow after
The entire process sum up to a 6 digit figure excluding my mom's treatment.

.. Hopefully, beautiful and painless smile is a year away.

2 comment(s):

r e y a n e said...

awww... ang mahal naman

-mayang- said...

i want to correct myself,, math kasi e.. 2 digit lang. almost there.. hahaha! ang hirap kase, pag jan sa tabi tabi.. nagsisi c mama sa procedure sa ipin nia.. so parang i want to make sure that the clinic that i go to is ok. malay mo.. d ako dun magpa ortho. pero the TMJ therapy.. dun.