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Jun 15, 2009

I Heart Manila

The reason I love BAYO so much is because of their love for simple designs, plus the fact that its owned by a local family... I Heart Manila and Fabulous Pinay are few of their slogans that I love.

.. ok, that was just an introduction, :) I love their shoutout, so let me just borrow that.

I am finally home, from the longest business trip I had (so far!). I won't complain, although it wasn't easy to be on board for about 13 hours, deplaning and boarding back, plus the fact that I had to pull some 40+ pound hand carry, with other loose items around me. I know it's more than the allowed, but I passed the checking and all eh?

I won't bore you with the details of the travel. Ok, let me take that back.

The travel began with a delayed flight from Covington, Kentucky to Detroit airport. We landed in Detroit at 11AM - next flight was 3:30 to Japan. We had lunch at Max and Erma's inside the airport first, after which we waited at the lounge near the gates and played cards. I didn't capture any pics but thanks to Dave and Buster's playing cards.. we were successful in killing time.

"He's not just in to you" (or something like that) aired during our fight from Detroit to Japan so I got to watch something I've not seen yet.. hehe. We got screened for AH1N1 when we got to Nagoya Internatiol Airport - I think nobody was pulled for quarantine, which was good.

After 45 mins of petiks time.. we left Nagoya and headed to Manila.. a 4 hour flight that made me sleep almost the entire time. But of course, I get to wake up occassionally - either because of food, snack or drinks :)

I know... my post doesn't make sense, I need more sleep... have work tonight na. My body is a little sore from pulling and lifting my bags.

Humid Manila.. goodnight muna.

Detroit Airport - Concourse A

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