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Jun 20, 2009

First Week - Check!

Our first week of work again in the office after the trip was not so bad. There were countless 'pasalubong ko?' greetings from almost everyone.. but of course I was prepared with an answer - in a warm but blunt manner (pwede b un?) 'wala e' sabay 'hehe - musta ka naman?'.

Hopefully, with God's help.. everything goes smoothly all throughout the training.


I missed a lot of movies when I was away. I didn't get to see any because I'd personally rather keep the 10dollars than give it up for a movie. And so there are quite a few that's on my list:

  1. transformers
  2. the proposal
  3. hangover
.. this is merely a note to self.

alright.. first weekend - check!

...prepare for remyxx get-together next week

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r e y a n e said...

miss you...