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Apr 27, 2009

We Won, Go Reds!

I had a good day today.

For this first time, I watched a live Major League Baseball Game :) Food and Drinks were absolutely free! We got good seats too and yes I've been saying that over and over.. its because I'm short and visual is very important to me :p And today, it wasn't an issue at all... XYZ company is one of the major sponsors of the Reds and so they have their own designated area where employees and their families can use if they want to watch.

I can't tell you how sunny and bright the weather have been this past few days. Weather is currently at 31degrees with humidity. It's getting warmer everyday. And so I got a little 'brown' after watching the game. Sure, you have the option to be in an aircon spot but we opted to stay outside - open air, on stools.

Win More Reds!!

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Reyan said...

abah!!! for the first time.. nakita ko naka shades ang sis ko ^_^ nyahahaha