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Apr 18, 2009

Filipino Hosted Fiesta

We spent our Saturday cooking, chopping, stirring, frying, smiling in between works, posing, playing and some more frying, grilling, baking...

We hosted a dinner for our dear counterparts and actually cooked the food for all of them. We crashed Jackie's house and cooked as much as we can. We had a lot of photo ops as evidence, I just grabbed a few ..

here's the beautiful kitchen of ms. jackie..
I tell you, it was worst when it was near dinner time.. cramming to cook everything!

Here are the end result..

Appetizer: Nilagang Mani

Entree: Sinigang na buto-buto, Beef Steak, Bicol Express, Grilled Pork (Filipino Style Inihaw), Adobong Manok, Chopsuey, Fried Spring Rolls in vegetable and pork, Baked Fish

Dessert: Ready made Bibingka, Buko Pandan and Turon

We had very good feedback, everyone liked the food. Fried Spring Rolls got the most praises and they quoted Sinigang as something 'different'.

It was indeed a Filipino Fiesta!

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