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Apr 9, 2009

Burp Burp.... Halt!!!

I feel fairly alright this morning.. same routine.. had my usual breakfast, was able to go down the hotel at the exact and agreed meeting time. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am alright and doing fine here. I'm even getting used to the weather .. really cold (around 3 to 7 celsius) with strong winds every now and then.

When I look at the mirror this morning, I looked fine I guess. Normally, if my blouses/shirts doesn't fit well.. I have to take a step back from eating because I know I'm gaining weight again. Most of the shirts I brought are a little tight if not exactly my size so I can watch my weight even if I don't really step on the scale. When I was about to ride the car on the way to the office, I noticed that two of my buttons were open.. so I just fixed them.. the usual. I also normally bring water everyday to keep me hydrated during the day... hey, 8 glasses of water a day right?

But today, I had a hard time finishing my water... I feel so bloated. I felt like there's no more space in my tummy that it can't grow big anymore.


I had the Daily Special of Izzy's - a bowl of soup, Medium Raspberry Tea and a special Spicy Sandwich. After the soup, I think I can't eat anymore.. but I still managed to finish most of my sandwich. Back in the office, I felt so bloated. I kept touching my tummy, as it shows because of the tight long sleeves that I'm wearing. Good thing I have a long scarf to cover it.
If Mama is reading this she would probably say "Ayan, kasi,, sobrang katakawan... magdieta dieta ka nga.. mukha kang lumba lumba" My my.. I know I will gain weight while I'm here but not this early.. its not even a week since I left Manila and I have grown big already??


The Managers went to a free gym last Sunday and they planned to go to there everyday.. not sure if they are really doing it but considering the feeling I have now.. I will not think twice of joining them. Come to think of it, I eat fairly fine here, I don't eat so much. See, my breakfast are just like the stuff I eat in Manila, a little of something just to have food in my stomach. My lunch normally includes soup if its available in the restaurant and an entree (which I often don't finish all). So why? grrr, blame it to the weather LOL - I have not witnessed myself perspiring, except my underarm, bwahahaha, apart from that.. no sweat at all.
Daily Routine? From the hotel, hop in the car then drive to work. Park the car across the building we're working for.. walk a few good steps and that was it. There's not much walking that I do unlike climbing the LRT, or standing from Buendia to Blumenttritt.

I should stop eating if I'm not really hungry and I should not force myself to eat if I can't really finish the food. I have to STOP or else, my clothes won't fit me till JUNE comes.

Oh no!

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