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Apr 5, 2009

The Next Morning... Window Shopping

At around 12 PM, the entire team decided to Window Shop.

You've read my previous post right? Well, I wasn't alone when I said that I slept at 5AM, the rest slept around that time too.. so we all ended up waking late. Today I woke up at 8AM, without rising from bed, I decided to sleep again and then woke up 11AM.

Then I cooked my simple breakfast that I got from the supermarket

At 12 something I heard an invite that we are going to window shop. We all met at the lobby of the hotel at 2PM.

while waiting for the rest

we went to the nearby Florence Square. Less than 30 minutes ride.

Macy's is just one of them.. stores include Sears, JCPenny, TJmaxx, Staples and a lot more.

Here's my lunch for today: Shrimp and Chicken Teriyaki

I just had to capture this photo. This wasn't mine but it was sinful daw!

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