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Sep 14, 2008

A Friday to Remember

Today God made me realize another miracle of life.

For the many reasons I love my job, it would be my students who I have always been thankful for. I guess because I'm naturally shy, naisip siguro ni Lord na hindi ako matuto sa buhay so he made me a trainer so I get to learn LIFE through my students and the people na nakakasalamuha ko every time I have a class.

I had countless classess na over the years and yes, I am very thankful for each of the learning experiences I encounter.

To Janice, Bam, Ann, Margot, Leslie, Francis, Arthur, Rael, James, Ariel, Meng, Marissa, Brie, Yna, Adele, Aki, Venice, Edward, Boom, Rommel and Jules --- thank you for unselfishly sharing everything. You pretty much know what I'm talking about.

My deepest and warmest gratitude.

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