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Sep 21, 2008

Corregidor Discovery

Sure thing I'm part of a pioneering BPO. But I didn't realize that I get to do a lot of things for free because I am simply part of the first batch - oh well, that's how I'd like to put it - not necessarily and entirely TRUE.

Anyway, today I get to go to Corregidor! It's my first time and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't too hot at all today so I thank God for that. Marvin and I had an anticipating mass yesterday so I am very happy to just spend the Sunday touring. :)

Our day began at 7AM (but I was awake at 4AM). We all met at CCP Bay Area Terminal and at 8AM - we headed to our ferry which brought us to Corregidor.

I'll blog the rest of the details when I have the time ok. :)

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