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Jun 8, 2008

Two Thumbs Up for Sex And The City

I can't tell you enough how happy and satisfied I was after watching SATC yesterday. Let me start of on how me and my sister ended up in MOA minus Marvin.

My Friday shift ended yesterday at 6AM of Saturday. After shift, Marvin went to my office to pick me up (no movie plans whatsoever) so we can just go home together. We decided to talk, have a catch up time over breakfast. Since the time was close to 10PM, I decided to check if Kae and I can meet at SM San Lazaro to watch a movie.

Past 11AM, Marvin and I waited for Kae at Starbucks San Lazaro. Prior to that, we went to the movie area to check the play hours of SATC. I was so disappointed to know that SATC is scheduled at 6PM pa. argh! And simple lang, we have few options, lipat ng movie house, choose another date, or go home and wait till 6PM. But I woke up Kae para lang manood ng first showing - thinking na meron timeslot ang ATC during these early hours.

Nonetheless, when Kae showed up, we decided to go to MOA. And it has been a long day for me and Marvin that he decided to go home instead as he couldn't make it to MOA na and watch a movie pa. :)
Minus Marvin, it was 1PM when we reached MOA, and the airtime of SATC is 1:35PM. The next show will be 4PM. Gosh, if we can't make it - we'll be burning ass somewhere - I swear, my head was spinning during this hour that I can't go around the mall - wallk or window shop!
We made it! hehe. Kahit mahaba ung pila sa sinehan, Kae was able to make it. I headed to the restroom to freshen up while she was in line. Same time pagbalik ko - tapos na sya - nakabili na sya ticket - yey. We bought Chef Tony's popcorn. Madalas ko to makita sa MOA pero I didn't know that Chef Tony's is ok pala - although I miss TATERS paren. Natapos kaming bumili ng popcorn mga 1:25. Tumatakbo na kami sa cinema - LOL so we can make it ontime. Di na kami nakabili man lang ng drinks - kaloka, dahil mahaba ung pila. All we really wanted was to watch SATC, and this is our second freakin attempt to watch it (last week - we didn't make it on time and di na kaya ng powers ko - without sleep - to wait for 3 hours for the next showing) - and our sacrifice was sooooooooooooo worth it. :p

The movie was wonderful. Hindi minadali. The scenes were connected all throughout. Basta - I like the movie so much. I keep on replaying the story to myself. May reason kung bakit kain ng kain ng pudding si Charlotte, or why she shit her pants - for me, it was very well done. Unlike the other normal stories na pwede palang i-cut ung scenes na to kasi wala namang koneksyon with the entire story itself. Maraming scenes dun na maiiyak ka or madidisappoint especially pag puso na pinaguusapan. ehem. Parang if you feel and think the same way they do - super makakarelate ka sa story. Kung pinagdadaanan mo ung mga pinagdadaanan din nila sa story and kung pano nila nasolusyunan ung problem - madadala ka talaga.

Not for being sentimental or whatsoever, kahit sino siguro (basta hindi bato ang puso, will be moved by the movie). I don't know how the last season of SATC ended and I have not watched every single series of it, I watch it if I can- but I was able to catch up with how the story of the movie went. Pero kung first timer ka, you would definetly understand the story too. Meron kasi silang explanation during the start of the movie.

Sorry na kung super babaw ko but I think ung acting skills nila is soooooooooo convincing. Nung hindi sinipot si Carrie, nung niyakap siya ni Charlotte after nia palupaluin ng bulaklak si Big - nakakaiyak talaga, I swear.

SATC talks about the mature side of the relationship apart from georgeous fashion, shopping and shoes. It covered settling down and dealing with issues about friendship and BF relationship, of family, of being alone, of work and of loving yourself.

There were lines I liked so much. They might not make sense to you, but I love it how and when it was delivered... these are just part of their entire line.. don't ask me why I can't remember all-
  • Miranda on the phone with Carrie: "I thought having a family will never make me lonely.."
  • Carrie embracing Miranda on New Years Eve: "You're not alone...."
  • Charlotte to the gang: "I am always happy, not all day everyday, but everyday"
  • Charlotte to his husband: "thank you for being you..."
  • Big to Carrie: "This is what you want. I want you, that's what I want"
  • Carrie to Big: "We've had so many different fights that there's none else left for us... it going to be you and me... you and me... "

I couldn't justify SATC with this blog. I might not even making sense here. So I'm not going to hold you for long.

Go ahead and don't miss it. Watch it - if I have another opportunity, I will definitely see it again!! ;p
Well, other movies are worth watching too. :)

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