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Jun 22, 2008

Bowling, 34th, and a whole lot more

Yesterday, Saturday, Marvin and I spent the whole day together. It'll be our 34th month this coming Monday so we decided to chill out together. With both of us having no sleep at all, we headed to greenhills to kill time and tire ourselves out.

Morning at around 9AM we arrived at greenhills. We stayed in 7-11 RCBC prior.
Since the mall opens at 10, we decided to go around the vicinity and stroll a bit kahit wala pang open na store. We stopped by chowking to munch some merienda. Talking lang all this time. I told him too that GXS will have its sportsfest soon and that only 4 games will be held, basketball, badminton, bowling and volleyball. I thought medyo na-OP ung volleyball sa pagiging V - LOL - bolleyball. I was excited to know that bowling is part of the sportsfest! If you can remember, the accenture training team last time had a little get together and sort of team building - we played bowling. I super enjoyed it! I had fun throwing the ball, getting it to the gutter and striking consecutively. hehe. So when I saw the invitation for registration to join the sportsfest, I was really ecstatic to join. I just want to join, not exactly to compete and all that - i love playing it so I actually gave it a thought and told it to Marvin. He on the other hand gave me his full support and told me that I shouldn't think that it will be a competition, rather, for the sake of playing and having fun - I should join daw. I became even more thrilled!

When the mall opens, we went to a lot of stores. ay grabe, with my lappy on his and my shoulders (salitan kami sa pagbuhat, hehe) nakakapagod magikot. shoes, bags, cellphones - anything na tinda sa greenhills naikot na namen. And with my boyfriend being a super FAN of NIKE, we went there. I ended up buying a rubber shoes for SALE, lesser than 2K. I can use this for the upcoming sportsfest. But mind you, I am not a pro player, I don't know the rules, I am not even registered to join yet and more so to play. Nonetheless, I think I can use this shoes - especially in the office. It seems that you can wear what you want in ouf office - though it is supposed to be 'smart casual'. I see a lot of people in jeans everyday and even in their slip ons - me included. :p

Near 12 Noon
We dined and celebrated our upcoming 22nd monthsary at the RACKS. Hmmm, Marvin is a fan of grilled food and steaks... and actually a whole lot more. Since we wanted to try something else (where I've never dined before), we gave RACKS a go. It wasn't as fulfilling when we were in Italiannis. Sorry but I like their food better. But it wasn't so disappointing in RACKS. They just didn't wow me. Anyway, after lunch - we headed to SM Megamall - the closest mall to Greenhills to bowl. I told Marvin that if ever I'm joining, I want to practice first.

SM Megamall is fully occuppied by some pro players - for competetion. SM don't know what time the competition will end so we decided to transfer to MOA. Thank goodness it wasn't traffic at all.

Past 1:00PM
We arrived at MOA. We headed to the bowling center at once so we can play. But its fully packed too. A competition will be held there and is supposed to start at 3PM. We were in waiting list. 5 minutes before 2AM, we were called - hay salamat.

Then we played till before 3. I suck. shit, this is not the 'performance level' I should bring to the sportsfest. Hence, I was so disappointed when our game was over. I always hit the gutter and didn't even touch any ball. I'm dooomed. And playing bowling isn't cheap at all. I was so low after the game (LOL). Haha. I really want to join, kahit hindi na ko manalo. LOL. Pero ok paren sana kung hindi ako lumabas na kahiya hiya di ba. Hehehe. The only reason I'm joining sportsfest is because 1 - hindi ako fan ng sports. This is the only sport na masasalihan ko if ever. 2 - wala pa mashadong nakakakilala saken sa company. So if I suck, konti lang makakaalam - but after the game, haha - marami ng makakaalam. 3 - I want to enjoy my time in the company. Hindi ako TL - so wala akong hawak na tao. Hindi ako manager, so wala akong kausap na TL's and clients most of the time. I am the only trainer in the company so wala akong kausap at kasamang mga co-trainers. So don't blame me for choosing to join ha. I just want to unwind and be happy and have fun. Most of the people around me kasi in the office want to leave na. *sigh*


- a friend of mine in the office - KIM, is currently in HK now. Katext ko siya during the times na paikot ikot kami sa mall ng bf ko. Enjoy Kim. I know you've been wanting and waiting for this. be back safe. :)

- my bestfriend RINA is MIA. She has not logged in IM for the past 2 days - Thursday and Friday. Where could my sis be?

- its heavily raining while I am doing this blog. Ngayon lang din nagkailaw since kagabi. I am actually charging my phone and taking advantage of electricity - hence the blog and the super update! ;p

- you all take care, be safe and DRY!!

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