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Jun 2, 2008

Another Tiring Monday

Ahay, first weekday of the month but I am soooooooooo dead tired. Because I report during the night, my body is used to being awake at night - and early morning! and asleep when everyone in our house is awake. - talk about sleeping at home for straight 12 hours - sarap pero masakit na sa likod. hahaha.

So Monday, before work, I decided to run some errands with my sister. We bought didn't have sleep last Sunday so goodluck with our blackest eyebags.

Our game plan? get some sleep for two or so hours, wake up and head on outside to buy the things I need
  1. buy my laptop screen protector
  2. buy my laptop silicon keyboard protector
  3. buy my laser pointer, wireless presenter
  4. watch Sex and the City the movie

About 2PM - I was soooooooo happy. We were able to buy all three that I need. Not that I really spent some money, but I know I needed these - lalo na ung wireless presenter. LOL talaga. Because I am a trainer, I need to move around the room without me having to be beside my laptop so I can move/click my powerpoint presentation - I decided that I needed a technology. ahahaa. I've been surfing tipidpc.com but all they have are expensive ones like 2k+++. Buti na lang naglabas din ng result ung kaka-google ko. I got one from Digiking.ph - I so love it. Not too big, not too small - looks like a pen pa. Pero grabe, pag uwi ko ng bahay, I removed the three small batteries (parang ung battery sa watch) and I can't put it back! I thought nasira ko na ung pointer ko - I was so worried that I have to return it pa for exchange dahil lang ayaw na gumana. huhu. pero my sister was able to fix it - hehe, mali mali kaso ako ng lagay ng battery - shunga shunga. ROFL.

had a nice day today at work using my pointer, hehe.

sabi nga ng students ko - panny!! (they're p and f struggle of funny)

-------------------- EDITED

when i came to the office today, the guard stopped me to claim a package. I knew it - my ITIL CERTIFICATION 'certificate' - sorry for a lack of another term, haha. pero un. hehe. may ilalaminate naman ako :wink: weheeeeee

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