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Jun 5, 2008

Living Fully :p

Was sick yesterday. I woke up with a sore throat and super heavy feeling. Parang I have a fever na nasa loob naman. It started with a running nose - hindi ko nga tinigilan ng neozep - ola. Today, I feel better. :)

A Team Lead is taking over my class for few hours to teach technical stuff of the things we do here. Hehe, so here I am, blogging away!! :p

I can't think of anything to blog so just let me list the things I have to do asap:
  1. I don't have Proactive na - have to buy, shemay.
  2. I have to process my clearance form TT.
  3. I have to start processing my loan payment.
  4. Have to return my thumb drive to cdrking for warranty

Will most likely update my blog again - wehehhehe. :)

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