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Jun 1, 2008

Still my sober self

Hmmm, I'll try to provide a summary for this week because I can't remember the exact details - couldn't blog so much because of work. But all is well.

  1. So now we all know that I passed ITIL Certification - hehe, I am waiting for my certificate and my pin na lang which will be shipped from the States. :)

  2. My former supervisor from TeleTech also got my white belt cert for my Six Sigma Certification. I failed to get it when I was there because the Project Managers aren't telling me if I passed already or not. But really, I've been waiting for this, I wish I could have gotten it quickly so I can move to yellow and green. My new officemates are green belters from their previous companies - sigh. I wish to be one too someday. :)

  3. I am beginning to train again in this new company I am with. haha, i should stop saying 'new' because in one month's time - I'll be regularized - waiting for my third month now. :) So back to the new hire. I've been really prepping I swear - read read read. This training will just last for two weeks. After this, there will be one more. So I am quite busy this month - yey.

  4. Just early before noon - Kuya's back from Bacolod. He really surprised my mom by texting late night last Friday telling her that he needs 'sundo' on Saturday morning sa airport. Saw three full boxes of Napoleones inside our ref - harhar, which I am delightfully eating right now. yummy yummy.

  5. PLEASE, whoever can read this and anyone who can helpe me - please let me know. I am in pursuit of a T61 silicone keyboard cover or a universal keyboard cover, a 14.1" widescreen LCD screen protector and a Wireless Mouse Presenter with laser. I can buy everything overseas but I would love it kung meron dito sa Pinas. Aside from paying through PAYPAL - dadaan pa to sa customs - matatagalan pa. And I'm not being so vain at all - its just that I want my laptop to last while still looking new. :) Let me know if you can help.

  6. I am up, this early morning of Sunday because I slept the whole day of Saturday. I'd rather stay up and read and prepare for my lesson on Monday than continue sleeping - hehe.
  7. I've been addicted to Gossip Girl. Not only that former Veronica Mars - Kristen Bell is the narrator, Gossip Girl is a refreshing series in tv, pleasing actors/actresses too. :)
  8. I want to watch SEX and the CITY - the movie

Thank you Lord for the week. :) Looking forward for more.

Welcome the month of JUNE! pasukan na naman mga kids. :)

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