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Apr 20, 2008

Why Complications

Why are there a lot complications in this world? sigh
Why can't we all live simply?
I hate being complicated, I hate being in a complicated relationship, I pretty much don't like complications at all in any aspects of it - don't we (all)?

On the other side of the news, I just got a phone/plan provided by my company. I call the phone "chakka" ahahhaa - pero ok lang. I don't worry so much about it anymore

I'm now a bit comfortable with my position and work in the new company I'm in. I've found few good friends that I hang out with. Eyes are getting a little observant in the office so maybe careful planning and implementation of certain things will really help me - us, to get in the groove of working.

I'll backtrack some post if I have spare time

Plan for today:
- malling
- visit to salon

gosh - super haba na ng buhok ko - I swear. :)

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