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Apr 27, 2008

Period of Consequences

I watched HBO early this morning. I think everyone else has seen this movie before I did. It has aired many times before I saw it earlier - I'm glad I had the chance.

An Inconvenient Truth

Featuring Al Gore and his stand on Global Warming. Its really undeniable, we are facing some serious damages and consequences because of what we have been doing to mother earth. Who says there's no future? There's always future with everything. I was moved by Gore's topic that we can't do anything to stop and lessen Global Warming. Remember Ozone Layer? - that it's getting thinner and thinner - and so we banned spray nets and those gases that ref produce. The entire world just has to be educated. Innocence is not an excuse.

The movie wasn't boring at all just like others are claiming to it to be.

I just couldn't blog so much regarding this topic - there's nothing else to tell, we all experience it, we all feel the heat, we were all struck how hurricane katrina took so many lives, we all starting to feel the consequences --- nothing really more to tell.

This is the only planet we have. Think twice before you do something bad. If you're doing something good - encourage others to try and do it too.

please visit www.climatecrises.net and be educated

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