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Apr 6, 2008


It's 3:59AM - Sunday morning.

I had a shift earlier even though it's a Saturday. Actually, it's not a shift at all because I didn't stay at the office for the usual 9 hours. I had a short training earlier about Unix for 2 hours - though I felt 2hours wasn't enough. Anyway, I can't sleep - that's why I'm blogging. Maybe because I'm supposed to sleep later pa.

I'm a bit worried with my upcoming deliverables and all the expectations in the current office I'm at. Hmmmm, mali kaya napasukan ko. Hahaha, hindi naman siguro. It's just that, wala kasi akong ka-brainstorm :p, wala akong mashadong kausap on how to go about things - well, mas mabuti na din to, at least I can do what I want. And in fairness, my new found friends naman are helping me - sila kim and ed. In ways na, they're making me feel I'm not alone in learning new stuff. hehe.

Ah well, I can only blog and say as much pero iba paren talaga pag andun ka and trying to learn. Huwaw, wag lang sana ako magfail. I want to bring out the best in me in every situation pero alam ko din that there will be bumpy roads as I go along and yun yung kinakatakot ko. I don't know. Basta alam ko, God will guide us. Always.

It's 4:06AM - still awake, baka hindi na nga ako matulog eh - later na.

This is how my friend felt din when he moved out of teletech and joined another company. Medyo siguro pressured din sya and all - normal kaya ang anxiety?


I had to edit this post to add some more :)
I attended the 6PM mass today and went to the mall with kae after. I got an optical mouse for my laptop - hirap kasi pag nasanay ka na sa mouse - ala desktop. :)

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