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Apr 14, 2008

Lost - Edited: Lost and Recovering

Yes, I'm a bit lost for words - I don't know how to write my update - lam ko na, i bullets ko na lang - sorry, taong tamad.

  • coping up with work, but I feel kulang pa din ako sa effort.
  • I've been reporting 6 days for 2 weeks now. Waaaaaaaah, i need a good time rest.
  • We had our usual family swimming last Saturday and Sunday. And since have work last friday, Saturday morning na ko umuwi. Of course, I'm excited and all that so in short - no sleep ako from the time I got home from office, until we get to Laiya, San Juan Batangas at 4PM!!. EARLY sunday morning, from Batangas, I commuted for 4 hours just to go back to Manila and attend an 8 hour training. Imagine my eyebags that time - huwah. Nakakahiya ako. huhu.
  • I'm tired and exhausted until now.

  • I want to update you more pero tinatamad talaga ko. sakit ng katawan ko.

    Promise, update kita some other time.

    PS - i want a shopping spree badly (so I can go back to normal, hahahahahaha)


    ang chaka ko talaga. hahahhaa. Guess what? I'm feeling better right now? hmmmm - wanna guess what made me felt better - hahaha, three shirts and a sandals and a take out at KFC all alone! Yes, just me. Hahahha, I was really confused as to where to go after I paid my bills - so I don't have any choice but to go to the mall. Eh nakakahiya naman kung pupunta ko ng hindi ako bibili db - so yun. I went home contented and happy. ;p

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