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Apr 25, 2008

sudden distress

two afternoons ago i woke up with an unusual pain. err - i didn't even sleep well; actually. i was always being awakened by (1)-the heat of the summer, (2)-the super pain on my shoulders. i tried sleeping with two pillows, i tried sleeping with no pillows at all, i tried sleeping the normal way - laying on my back -- but to no avail - even tried not to sleep at all hoping the pain will just go away. an hour and a half before my usual wake up call - i was already awake. huhu. got stipnek . i don't know if saying "i have stiff neck" is proper - although pwede din. i feel lang that the phrase, my neck is stiff is more appropriate - anyway - wala akong pakelam, basta masakit leeg ko. i wanted to cry - as in. i couldn't comb my long hair, i could bend my neck to wear undies - ganun sya kasakit when i try to move. when i was eating my breakfast after i woke up, i was trying to be very careful - my shoulder/neck muscles tend to twitch whenever i move a muscle that's connected to it. nakakaloka ang sakit. i saw an OMEGA pain killer. i plunged my finger in the bottle and generously applied it on the affected area. i don't know if it was the right move - ang hapdi - LOL - i felt like my skin was being burned.

now, two days after - i feel a whole lot better. i realized now that the stiff neck that i had wasn't stiff neck at all - blame my analysis for that matter. i believe its purely my neck/shoulder joint that started it all. And that caused me having a stiffed neck - maybe the muscles were super sore or me naipit na ugat kaya ganun. Well anyway, i'm still having a hard time looking at my right or left - LOL - pero konti na lang. not so much pain like before. i'm happy that i'm getting better.

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