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Jun 29, 2007

Spice Girls Reunited!

Sis, I swear, thanks sa post. :) AT dahil jan, nag double post ako for today. I'm so an ex-spice girl, nyahahaha. They gained popularity way back when i was in highschool and since then, baduy man.. pero sige aaaminin ko na - I'm so into them! And now that they're reunited makes all these more exciting! Here's what I've found - syempre mega explore ako nung nalaman ko! :)

Reunion <<-click here for more

Since the group's break-up, rumours have persisted of a reunion. UK National tabloid The Mirror's 3am girls even dedicated front page space and half of their double page, daily entertainment news to what was supposedly their scoop, that the girls were back, reforming for Live 8. Live 8 organiser Bob Geldof confirmed at a press conference on 31 May 2005 that he had been in contact with all of them and was serious about wanting them to reform but it was all 5 of them or nothing. Melanie Brown's commitments in Los Angeles prevented this from happening.

On June 28, 2007 after months of speculation, the Spice Girls announced a twenty-five date world wide tour entitled "The Return of the Spice Girls" kicking off in Los Angeles on December 7, 2007 however, only twelve dates out of twenty-five, have been announced.[24]

A Greatest Hits album will also be released in November along with a Documentry in which Halliwell says "It's going to be the most honest story that you've ever heard...You get to see the dark side of the Spice Girls, the gritty side, the tears.".

I love Posh Spice, yes yes yes!

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