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Jun 27, 2007

Catching Up

Good morning!

Just arrived from work.
And I had the usual. The usual work, updates, emails, calls, meetings. I'm paid "ehem" considerable amount of money for doing only these; hehehe. I mean, nothing so extensive about my job, peer pressure lang siguro. :)

My entry is catching up...

  • + As everyone knows I consider my website dead and so I have to look for an alternative website to host all my pictures. My picture gallery I remember was more than 7MB in total. Yahoo! Photos will be closing in September so I have to decide soon. I can't simply store them in my PC because we had multiple issues of HD literally crashing at us - so no no. I've been googling it and I have not really found any good site at all. I like google's PICASA especially in Simpleviewer Template, there's PhotoBlog which looks like Flickr in one angle but their totally different. So I decided to transfer my pics to Flickr- not to mention I'm an AT&T Yahoo! Tech Support. :) My Flickr photo gallery is now accessible - http://flickr.com/photos/mayang.

  • + This I can't really solve. For days, I have been editing my simple blog template but I can't seem to make it work with IE. It's working fine with Mozilla though. So whoever has a solution, please let me know? - thanks!

  • + Blogging. Yes, I'm catching up in terms of updating my blog. I have not posted everything yet, especially my Cebu class, my air trip experience.
Have I been so cranky lately? - yeah, I guess so. SORRY!

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