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Jun 22, 2007

Of Past... Love and Life

I had my lunch with Jessa and Mydz a while ago (maybe around 3something AM - yeah that's my lunch) and we've talked about love and relationships, of boys and love. How funny because they were talking about sad stories, stupid ones and the really heart breaking ones yet we manage to still laugh in between stories - i guess because I was there? hehe

La lang, I just thought bakit maraming complications sa mundo.
Ikaw, ano ba status ng past mo? ng present love and life mo?
I'm not in the mood to blog. Had a fight with him.

Side note: Funny talaga how friendster works and google. Dalawang tao na nareresearch ko over the internet. Pwede na kong PI,, la pang legwork yan sabi nga ni Jessa. :p

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