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Jun 24, 2007


hey yo blog!

these days weren't so easy. I've had serious thinking of why things are happening, mu future, my stand, my goals and view of life, my priorities and ambitions, and where do I go from here. Seriously true, life is never easy. Sometimes there are a lot of complications happening that you didn't know existed. One thing is for sure, I know what I'm doing, I know what I want and I know what I have to do. :)

segway...... :)
here is a list of things i miss, food i miss and everything, everyone that i miss

i miss:
  • my honey
  • remyxx
  • gimiks with remyxx
  • kakwentuhan si rina in person
  • makita ang remyxx araw araw
  • Dy and her stories :)
  • going out with marvin
  • eating out with marvin
  • watching movies with marvin
  • shopping :(, with my debts and all - haay
  • shopping with marvin
  • marvin buying things for me - haha
  • strolling sa mall with marvin
  • spending quality time with him
** sobrang antok na ko, from my 7AM work, di pa ko natutulog. sleep na ko. good night!

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