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Mar 10, 2009

Philippines: Crying for Jobs

Few days ago I was watching ABS-CBN TV Patrol.. because I am back in the morning shift, therefore I get to enjoy what 'nights' can offer. Anyway, I just couldn't stand hearing and watching the news so I'm blogging about it.

Fresh Graduates rallied in front of DOLE because they are saying there are no more jobs in the market. They were there because they want jobs and they would want DOLE to give them JOBS.

The newscaster interviewed a young lady and asked her, how about call centers - why don't you try there? The lady replied "Hindi naman yun ka-linya ng tinapos ko eh"

Abah, choosy ang lola moh!

I don't have anything against people and newly grads following their dreams and aspirations in life. Who wouldn't want to work related to their field of study? If you want to be part of the IT or Industrial or Marketing or HRM industry then go and find a work there... but don't come running back, picketing in front of the local government that they should give you a job if you suddenly can't find any.

Common sense kids, you wouldn't die because you are working for a different industry. Hindi mo ikamamatay dahil marketing ang tinapos mo at nag-call center ka. In a company, there are different arms.. payroll, marketing, training, IT, etc. Not because you started as an agent means you'll end up an agent for the rest of your life. Lahat naman naguumpisa sa maliit. It's you who make your life.... no one else.

If you trust your capabilities, knowledge and skills.... i suggest you grab whatever is HOT in the market, a job decent enough to sustain your living. Sabi nga nila, on the average, a person changes career 5 times in his/her lifetime.

I am a graduate of Computer Science and now I am a Trainer in a Call Center. I started out as an agent 5 years ago. Now I'm halfway my dream salary :wink: I know a lot of people na hindi na din ka-linya ng tinapos nila ung trabaho nila. But they're happy, satisfied and contented. Siguro nga, nasa tao lang yan!

Plot your goals. Live your dreams. Work Hard, Work Smart. Do not stop reaching your own stars.

GoodLuck and enjoy your journey. Tama na ang mga rally!

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Reyanee said...

hahaha.. nice post sis... you are soo korek!... lalo nat't economy is not good these times... di dapat namimili mga new grads ng Pinas.. abah! wala pa nga sila napaptunayan. :P