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Mar 13, 2009

Pepper Steak

Tomorrow is Marvin's birthday.

He said he wants to eat somewhere we haven't dined before. I remembered Pepper Lunch in Rockwell because I've read so many reviews and blog entries about it. But I guess I was a little confused about Pepper Steak and Pepper Lunch during that time, and so I googled Pepper Steak instead, only to find out after few minutes that I was really craving to try was PEPPER LUNCH.

Anyhow, enough of the confusion. We still went to Glorietta to try Pepper Steak because Pepper Lunch is only available in Shangri-la and Rockwell.

We found Pepper Steak at the newly built and quite small, Glorietta 5.

served sizzling hot

my Beef Pepper Steak with Teriyaki Sauce

Can't remember what this was called but this is one of their House Special

I tried rotating the other picture several times but it still ended up vertically wrong, err.

I was really hungry at that time. My food didn't even last for 15 minutes, either it was small in serving or I was totally hungry. I didn't find the food extra special either. A steak served sizzling is not something new. I know House of Mini's is also a good choice. Serving size in Pepper Steak is not for big eaters too. Hindi siya pang malakihang gutom. You'll end up hungry again, just like Marvin, hahahhahaa.

I'm not sure what they offer differently though. I have to try it again.

But I ate all! Though hindi ako nabusog.

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