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Mar 14, 2009

Fun Trip to the Mall

Kae and I were bored today so we decided to go to the mall and 'magpalamig'.
Kae was craving NYFD, so we got ourselves some. We ordered the biggest, err gigantic.. LOL size and consumed it in no time. I didn't like the pepper steak sauce that I tried, (pepper steak na naman?) hehehe.

After eating, we strolled lang. We saw SOP nga pala, performing there.. mark herras and the rest of the young stars. grabe naman sa tili mga tao.. kala ko nga magigiba ung mall eh, wehehehe.

Anyway, I also bought my Proactiv at Watsons earlier. Kae had a funny store to share. You all know Watsons right? So here it goes.
The line was typically queueing with about 5 or so people in line for each of the two counters. There was a young chinese kid with his father.. around 7 or 8 siguro yung age. This kid went to the counter and grabbed the yellow-brightly-colored FRENZY! He went to his father who'se queued on the line and asked "Daddy ano to, Candy or Vitamins!?" The daddy I think didn't know how to respond and Kae thinks the Daddy said "Go and ask the counter". Confused, the kid put the FRENZY back near the Cash Register where he took it. Few seconds after, he took the FRENZY again and asked the Cashier "Miss, ano to, Candy or Vitamins?" The cashier was smiling and lauhing a little bit. She didn't know what to tell the kid. Kae was lauhing hard that the innocent boy didn't get any answer. I glanced at the father who was just smiling too. Now the lines are getting cleared up. So imagine nearly everyone get to hear what the kid was inquiring. There was even a mother in front of his Daddy with her daughter smiling and laughing with the cashier.

When I got home, Marvin phoned me and I told the story about the curious kid. He himself wouldn't know what to say if that is his kid. I was thinking is it proper just to tell the kid that its for daddy's only? I'm not a parent so I wouldn't know, hehehehe.

Hmmmmm, what would you say??

Oh my, I just remembered.... hahaha. When I was young, I found TRUST C too in our house. Hihi, of course I didn't know what it was so I took it and opened it. Then I asked my tito what it was for. He said you blow it up and put it in the mothers tummy so she won't get pregnant. I asked my tito to blow it up for me. And he did until it popped.. and so I didn't ask anymore. Akalain mo... naalala ko lang!!

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