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Mar 2, 2009

Canon A470

I bought my first ever entry level camera today!

Hehe, I know.. I'm a little late. With the age of DSLR nowadays, you might ask how come I just bought one now. Who can blame me? I really didn't feel the need for one. I was satisfied with camera phones. Plus the fact that my photography skills sucks.

Anyways, soon after I blogged about the camera that I wanted, the auction ended in ebay where I would be getting it. So during those days until yesterday, I was scouting for an affordable one. I still plan to buy some high end stuff but not this year.

I don't think I sacrificed too much quality by buying this affordable one right? :) I think the reason why it's the cheapest camera nowadays is because its a little bulky? Well, I don't mind LOL. I got it for Php5,500 from a seller at tipidpc.com. It comes with a free 2G Transcend Memory Card and a Camera Case. Not bad. Comparing it with other sellers in multiply, ebay, sulit and tipidpc? They offer the same amount and or higher and no freebies at all. So i'm happy for what I paid for. :D

Of course, I did some practice and I liked the results! I just can't post the pictures yet as it has not been uploaded. Desktop crashed and I'm just borrowing my brother's lappy.

The following of course were taken from my reliable 3.2MP Sony Ericsson P1i camera phone. Hopefully after this post, every photo I will be capturing will be from my a470 na. hihihi.

I'm overly satisfied, that's all. :)

I got this samsonite camera bag when I was in the US but unfortunately it doesn't fit my camera :S

I know management doesn't read my blog. Pero I want them to know that I'm ready na for the OHIO trip, LOL. Me camera na ko, ticket na lang kulang :p

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venice said...

yiheeeee! bago digicam!!!!