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Nov 17, 2008

Paddle? or Nipper?

it was a funny sunday afternoon and I could not resist not to post it here.

ate shirley, our suking manicurista, always visits us every other Sunday. Last Sunday was her service schedule with us; and Marvin was here too, for additional income for her.

Anyway, it just so happened that Marvin has to suffer a little bit (bwehehehe) because of his ingrown (two) toenails.

Sobrang naiiyak siya at namimilipit sa sakit :p The ice cream that I was holding for him didn't work. Look at the pic! :p

I was teasing him kung pano nia nalampasan ung paddle nia to enter TGP. To think, sangkatutak na hampas aabutin mo dun ha, hindi lang pagputol ng kuko!

Oh well, everything ended properly and he felt better now!

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♕ reyna said...

hahahaha.... this is funny sis! ^_^