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Nov 3, 2008

Mucho Dinero! - halloween celeb

booooo! here's a backtrack entry.

how did you spend your halloween?
my class and I had a day (and evening) that we will never forget.

it all started when the company released an announcement letting everyone know that we can put up halloween decorations before 31st. Only one team will be declared the winner and will be taking home 5 thousand pesos. The company also gave a budget for materials. All teams must declare their chosen halloween theme.

Three days before 31st - we started putting all together. Until before judging time itself - we were fixing small details. But you know what? I can smell the 5K already by this time... hehehe.
I can't tell you enough how great everyone is.... from recycled materials, improvised chandeliers, antique materials, porcelains, china wares, delicate goblets, capes, dry ice, fangs, make up! - everything you can think ok! -- gosh....

here's our welcome information to all the guests/ vampires that will be attending our ball. We decided to make it a 'ball' or a dinner that Count Dracula will be hosting.

yeah, you may laugh all you want. but because of that costume I won 3thousand. :p Class nominated me, it wasn't really judged at all - the best costume was more of a nomination from everyone in the company... class voted for me, good job guys! thanks again! :p

ok, so this is the improvised coffin that we made

here's the long table that we decorated, complete with edible food and from chandelier, table cloth and all chinawares that you see... we're proud to have brought them and made everything come alive

here's another angle... with food now this time.

before judging time, we had to do the graduation of the class first. I don't have any pics of that graduation, only video. hmmmm, anyway, we got 3k again for performing during the graduation.. i don't want to explain any further as I don't want to lose my job.

then tamang tama... after graduation, judging time of the halloween decoration came. It was so overwhelming when they called our team.... wohooooooooooo, another 5K!!! total we have 8 already. Then individual costume winner... hahaha, ako ang tinawag. Naloka talaga ako!! We literally swept away everything. We were all screaming and shouting and jumping in joy as we have 11K just because of this day alone.

All our efforts were soooooooooo worth it! The team/ class was just ONE in doing everything. And so we headed for a looooooooooooooong night celebration after the awarding ceremony - Dinner and inuman at Dencios (where I got to experience being wasted again) hahahahaha ... pero in a good way ha. bangag lang talaga.

Let me take this opportunity to THANK everyone in my class...

Jeff - our director, actually I started calling him direk and left all the supervision to him. When we were on our last week, halos wala kaming nauumpisahan kasi nangangapa lahat, nahihiya magsalita at magstart ng kung ano ano. When I saw jeff was getting in the groove... pinabayaan ko na. sya ang may pakana kung bakit me veranda kami sa room, me chandelier, me kurtinang blue at may table cloth na blue! thanks for all the efforts jeff... :) alam ko marami ka ding inabono. :) thanks din sa choreograph pala!

Lei - thanks for all the antiques. aminin, bukod sa decorations ni jeff, hindi magiging buhay ang room without all your decorations. pati fruit cocktail mo.. thanks for buying it and sharing it with the class. Sobrang naging alive ung room. Pati pala pag ayos at pag prepare ng food, thanks.

Con and Cyndz - aside from bringing noise to my class all the time :) thanks for helping jeff out in the midst of confusion. and for the impromptu shopping to landmark, national bookstore at kung saan saan pa. thank you for volunteering all the time... cyndz.. you know that your goblets played a very big role, pati ung chicken mo... thanks for taking the time to do it. Con - you were the sexiest vampire that day, :p

Chi - for coordinating everything and helping Jeff and everyone else. Lagi akong updated because you update me... thank you because you never failed to interact with the team and show your interest and concern. Being game with everything... from singing to dancing to decorating and sa pagsama saken sa pagalala sa mga bagay bagay, hehehehe .... thanks!

Maria - kahit inaasar ka nila.. and though i don't have any clues why.. i thank you for your cooperation and all your suggestions.

Markie, Eric, Bhert and Jack- you gentlemen added spice to everything! being the center of attention of Con and Cyndz.. nabuhay ang room. Thank you for always lending a hand too.. I appreciate all the help you did in making the decorations.

Q - thanks for always staying behind, staying late to help jeff and the rest. that contributed a lot in making sure we finish on time.

Marco, Danoe, Ciara and Arvin - thanks for the singing in behalf of the team. marco - continue singing, you have the talent. Danoe - you showed age doesn't matter (it shouldn't be a hinder), and thank you for your cooperation. Ciara - thanks for the dried ice. It surely spiced up everything. Arvin - your jokes brought laughter to the class too, and making sure Con and Cyndz have an alternative other than the markie, bhert or eric.

Raffy - you didn't sing, you didn't dance.. but you surely were cooperative of everything. Plus, you didn't ask for a TF when you did you DJ stunt! Thanks! :)

Cheng and Sai - thanks for the cooperation and your manpower to assist direk, I really appreciate it.

Gibbs - I was a bit careful about you. Because you don't open up in the class, you don't mingle so much - so I don't know how to approach you at all. But I recognize your efforts in assisting the team - kahit konti lang, hehe , I also liked your cape that day and your necklace.

Everything was just memorable. And you all have made me realized once again how lucky I am to have this job and to have met each and everyone.

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