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Nov 11, 2008

Oy! Gising!!

I told you,,, this is my first ever night shift again after quite some time... and maybe 3 months is not my longest but this is something new to me.

I just have to blog this again because I can't believe what just happened. The company bought us (trainees, agents, and everyone in the room) STARBUCKS coffee to aid us for the night. It might be something that they would not do for the entire week but I never attended a class (corporate or not) where the company treats the participants for a coffee - Starbucks that is, and mind you we're 27 in class. It might not be something for you... pero nagulat ako eh,, hehe.. wala atang company na nagpapakape sa mga trainees nila ng starbucks noh, painumin mo naman ang 27 sa klase, ewan ko na lang sa expense db.

Iba talaga. :)

We had two of this kanina. Enough for everyone. :)

More, more!!

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