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Nov 10, 2008

Back to the Night Shift

Today.... after 3 months I think, I'm back to the night shift.
I slept at 3AM earlier and woke up 3PM... yey! This is the kind of sleep I want.
I don't know if I'll be loving it because of the night differential or what... but I'll definitely miss my kids hollering at me "MAER!!!" me bago na naman akong name. :p
  1. first, no traffic - ala nga ba? we'll see.
  2. second - night diff.
  3. third - few people around which means hindi queueing sa mga stores, food
  4. fourth - dahil wala mashadong stores open, no temptations at all to eat and dine - max's, pancake house, teriyaki boy.. hehehe
  5. fifth - pwede ng manghingi ng free juice sa lobby dahil wala ng mga applicants :p

LOL. but I want to see my kids pa ren.. :)

welcome me back to the 'zombie' shift! :)

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