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Oct 20, 2008

Thank God! .. I'm better!!


i woke up around 4:15 AM today and I realized I just have to quickly jump to the PC and update my blog. Thanks for Saturday and Sunday rest -I feel a whole lot better. I still have cough - a bad one but I don't feel like I'll be getting fevers anymore.

I need to blog this so in case someone might ask, my whole world just goes down when I'm sick - can't move, can't focus, can't stand whatever. ..... But hey! I feel better today. :)

  1. I'm done checking the midterms of kids,, sigh, but not all passed
  2. hahaha, i've seen gossip girl last night from the internet. I don't know when it will air in cable tv so I thought I had to really see it soon!
  3. salary soon!

What your life is about is your own perspective. If you want to be happy with your life despite the challenges, then be happy. If you will just whine and do nothing, you can do that too.... Life is about the choices you make, we all have one.

You make your life, and no one else. So quit whining! :p

Enjoy the week! :)


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