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Oct 29, 2008

Hair Free

hmmmm, when was the last time you've tried something new?

Lately, I have been wondering if I can survive waxing - brazilian that is. Remember my Belle de Jour 2008 planner packed with gift certificates and discount coupons? One of the certificates included is a free brazilian wax from lay-bare, no further services required to avail of the certificate. A couple of people have already told me I should try it so I went on researching and browsing and reading some testimonials.

I've also learned that lay bare has one clinic in Makati near our office and so... YES, I've decided that I should try it - sayang naman certificate ko. :p

I can say it was a bit painful but tolerable, but day after - you'll be amazed and happy at what you're looking at. I'm satisfied that I've tried it. I might go back after a month. :p

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