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Oct 27, 2008

Murdoch-Go Nuptials

Yes, I've been to a wedding once but a not so formal one.

Recently, last Saturday (25th), I had the opportunity to witness a wedding (not exactly because I wasn't in church :p) of one of the managers in our office. I just knew him from work and I can say I was lucky to be invited to the celebration (because I think not everyone got invited from the office). Thanks Broz!

The reception itself was nice, sumptuous buffet by Manila Hotel.

I guess their preparation had been worth remembering, because I myself had to go to some grueling and painful search to find a perfect dress. Hehe, sorry naman, first time! Up to the last minute, talaga naman.

Sige, but it was a learning experience for me... next time, I know na what to do. And one more thing, medyo hirap pala ng single na umaattend sa kasal noh? Lahat ng games, puro pang single na men and women eh, since kilala ka ng ikinasala - ay, you have to join. But I enjoyed - so much! :)

Congratulations again to the newlyweds! Next celebration siguro nila christening???

was just taken from my phone, hmmmm, spent close to 2,500 for everything, hair and make up, dress, shoes, etc, etc - not bad?!

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