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Oct 23, 2008

Back to Eye Bags

I just realized that my eyebags are in its 'blackest' when I don't get enough at least 8 hour sleep everyday. Eversince I started in the AM shift (which will be eversince August this year) my eyebags have become better. Their still a pair of black undereye circles but a lot better (huh! anudaw?) Lately, I've been really engaged into consecutive company activities that makes me stay in the office longer.

I'm actually in the office right now, blogging away while waiting for our turn to do a presentation for our clients.

I'm doing well except for my cough - and I wish to really see a doctor soon. I hope the coming days will be better for me - us, financially and career wise.

Looking forward to a good FRIDAY!! :)

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R said...

welcome baaaaccck!!!.. and happy friday!. mwaaah