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May 12, 2005

still busy

i don't know when will i stop editing my site.. dian have been online all these days and thanks to her.. i was able to see some flaws from the site. i'm still updating everything and currently haaaay talaga.. i have to edit few more things. its so tiring and i feel so preoccuppied with all the things going through my mind. my site is even more than 100mb already and i don't have any internet connection at home - poor me, tapos 128K lang ang flash drive ko. hahaha - so imagine me everyday copying files from my PC to the office to upload necessary changes. it's really hard. if i have to modify stuff from the office - i have to use notepad.. tiring... so tiring. hopefully, after few more days.. it'll be flawless na. but still, i'm happy..

i'm actually thinking of my personalize homepage.. hopefully i can do the layout i have in mind. coz the one i have is from bravenet - it's nice but i want it customize so hopefully i can do it after all the edits i have been doing. :)

end of my week.. i'll see you after 2 shifts..haay, sarap ng off.

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