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May 30, 2005

had it been too long?

hi guys,
had it been really too long since the last time i posted??
hmmmn ok!
busy-busyhan lang talaga akoh.. but nothing much. i just finished doing some stuffs and i guess i'm into another project again. i just finished reading angels and demons.. pretty late huh? anyways, better late than never. And i'm actually reading Deception Point my Dan Brown - exciting novel as well but i'm not really familiar with the airplanes and all that stuff in between - but it's cool and it's good to read.
i haven't seen the other remyxx ladies for a long time. haha - sorry ladies - mejo wala tayong meeting ng May ha. :) well, i just had dinner with dian, ivy and bax about 11 hours ago.. i wish we all can get together again and celebrate 'remyxx'.
don't forget to access my yahoo360. Thanks!!
till next time.

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