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May 31, 2005

from the newspaper

i told you it won't be too long.

hiyee guyzz..

i have read this news from Manila Bulletin, Sunday issue; they have this one whole broadsheet article about call center agents. I felt satisfied on how they actually justified the call center agents and the nature of work itself. many not-so-brilliant people don't understand how call center works. they simply know that we are getting paid by merely answering the phone and sitting down for hours.
to tell you honestly - it is indeed true. but the fact that you can take a single call as magnificent. americans consumers that call us can absolutely tell if we are an american or not. ACCENT is a big asset. you have to know how to speak their language. you have to know how to fill in the words to communicate effectively. you may sound idiot at times coz they really won't understand you whatever word you speak. so you have to know the accent, the words. and for a record - we are trained about things i don't know before. i really don't think a lot of people would understand.

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while reading the bulletin, i saw an article about Jessica Alba - i remembered Rina so I read the article. Interesting facts. She's a mixed Spanish, Danish and French lived in Southern California. Her film debut was at age 13 at Camp Nowhere. Then there's Nickelodeon's "The World of Alex Mack" and Flipper. I do watch Alex Mack before but I don't know her yet that time. Age 16 when she received her highschool diploma. Then she was casted for the movie "Never Been Kissed". If i'm not mistaken it starred Drew Barrymore - still, hindi ko siya napansin - screw me. Then later, the famous "Dark Angel" and last 2003 the movie "Honey". This year her movies include "Fantastic Four" and in the blue, i think, i'm not that sure - (this title i forgot - haha).

she's the next rising superstar in a super sexy body.

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