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May 6, 2005


it was my birthday two days ago and it was really upsetting when everything seems to be good then i was issued a file note for my QA. i got 93 as my score but i was issued a file not because they caught me speaking in vernacular while transferring the call to another department. worst, it's my second file note already. and what makes my heart really feel sad is the fact that a lot of agents do it. i just feel so sad that time. haaay, i cried that day, not because of the file not - but it was part though.. but probably because of mixed emotions - hehehe. :)

next problem - my host for my site - well, i got 2 hosts and 100mb host of mine just offers 1G of bandwidth monthly - that's the reason why after exceeding the bandwidth, my site will only be accessible 12 hours after. stupid me! i never saw that before.. i only knew the megs it offers - whew?! but i have to find another host. i wonder if i can go back to 95mb.com. i had the problem with it before - it's not accepting my file names.. that's the reason why i had to redo m y whole site after i'm done.. then i decided to stick with 1asphost.com. still full of problems.. huh.. kainis naman. anyways, sorry to the few people who had been accessing the site - ;) - it's gonna be down most of the time and i guess i'L just have to change my host soon before y'all begins to access 'regularly' my site. if anyone has recommendations - i'L be very happy to hear it.

until then, more hardwork still!i personally wanna thank mhean for the appreciation of my website.. she's the only one who emailed me regarding the site.. hehehe.. really thanks gurL.. i only have one day off this week and i'm gonna modify my site.. haaay - no rest to..

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