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Jun 26, 2010


This was a typical Saturday morning in a cab, going to meet Marvin, when I saw something in front of me between the driver seat and the passenger seat.

Automatically, I knew it was some sort of a power supply but I wondered why it was fastened. I followed where it was connected - maybe it's powering up the meter or something. Apparently, after few seconds of scrutinizing it, I failed to know what it was for; I didn't find any cables.

Glancing to the right, a paper was posted at the back of the seat - which I initially thought was just a regular reminder to make sure mind your things, etc or advertisement, I saw the answer to my silly question. Ah! a power supply indeed, a service from RLC Ubercabs! the Uberplug!

I felt the need for shots so I immediately took my camera out and discreetly captured the evidence of the Uber Cab!

Now in case you're jammed in traffic and you badly needed 'power' to send those emails, and you don't have your blackberry with you - pray that you're in an UBER CAB so you can plug away!

Uber!! (ala melai)

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