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Jun 23, 2010

4 years and 10 months

Sometimes even if you want your relationship to work and no matter how long you've been together; the uncertainties, difficulties, and your personal differences will always rise no matter what.

I'd say it's totally getting serious by the months. :)

Wait, I'm not blogging about that - I'm blogging about the upcoming trips I'll be having - out of the country and here too. Sssssshhhh. :)

here... and

here too. :)

sana matuloy!!!

3 comment(s):

reyna said...

im still stumped kung anu anong countries to?

Quest to be on the top of the food chain! said...

dami buildings!

jackie chan!

reyna said...

nyahahaha!... Hongkong!...

abah!.. anu next word Kuya Eric?!