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Jun 7, 2010

KKK and Movie watch

Today, I was out in the mall with my sister and Marvin. We all met Michelle (an old friend of mine from Teletech) who now works in Qatar and was just visiting Manila.

We had a good lunch in KKK then headed to watch a movie - Sex and the City 2.

The movie was ok but the first one was waaaaaaay better.

I mean let's admit it, they were all prepared to launch the very first SATC that's why it's that special. They completed all their work - complete with story line, fashion, love, sex and comedy. It was absolutely fit for the big screen. With part2 - it didn't seem like it at all. I loved the places they went to and their fabulous clothes but the film doesn't have the heart of the first movie... sure this installment was comedic -- and nothing beyond that.

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