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Aug 26, 2009

Slice and Dice

Marvin and I recently celebrated four years of being together. I think I can say we celebrated it a little differently today because we didn't eat out in an expensive restaurant for a change. heh.

And of course, the man is craving for steak so we tried somewhere we've never been to before.. plus this was recommended by a close friend. Slice and Dice is similar to House of Mini's only smaller. They're along Shaw Boulevard near Cherry Fooderama.

Slice and Dice offers three varieties of Steak - T-bone, Ala Pobre and Garlic plus several other short orders and side dishes.

sorry, blame the one who took the photo

T-bone steak, ala carte

this was marvin's Garlic Steak served with homemade fresh mashed potatoes &
paired with kangkong

my Steak ala Pobre with mussels

Each steak above is less than Php200. Not bad for those of you who's looking for a hearty and sumptuous steak meal (err, I call this pork chop with gravy meal). Everything was quite tasty too.. including their Red Ice Tea. I don't really eat mashed potato especially the one in KFC. I learned how to eat one during my recent US trip. I tried the mashed potato here and it was ok.

Others say they get pretty jampacked when it's past 8 or 9PM, so make sure you come early if you're going to visit.

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