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Aug 18, 2009

Pinoy Kame

Startek Philippines recently had Filipiñiana as the theme for a day. Training and Quality decided to participate again following the 'Pista sa Nayon' concept.

Weeee and I'm happy to say that we won! :) Karir mode talaga kami! For Php220.00 we were able to get that Kimona, yellow skirt and green fabric plus tahi. We actually had skirt made for Php70.00, not bad right?

It looked really well because we all had the same outfit.

i was the one responsible for buying so I'm happy they all liked it

they said we looked like madrigal singers, nyahahha

There's no cash prize involved, we thought meron! but again, no regrets. It was fun dressing up and seeing everyone participate too.

I can't wait for our sports attire next monday. We're thinking of soccer - knee high socks, shorts and shirt, one goalee and a coach.. what do you think?

What's not so common, not so expensive and available around? Share naman ideas.

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