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Aug 5, 2009

I Am One Year Old

Exactly August 4; I celebrate my first year at Startek, Philippines.

The company who made my US trip possible. :) Allow me to go back to the fruitful year that was.

August 4
..was my first ever day at the company. We don't have a site back then. We report at one of the Executive Floors of LKG Tower. That same day, I went to the Embassy for my Visa interview. And this was the day I learned I got approved. August 6 I got my Visa already. August 8, I flew alone to Denver via an overnight trip in Los Angeles Airport. Exactly 30 days after... we head back to Manila.

During those months, we had back to back classes, certification, on boarding supervisor programs, and a whole lot more.
October was when I believe I was put back to night shift for another pioneering program. I stayed with the same program for 4 months. I even celebrated Christmas and New Year at the office.

.. was the month of preparation to transition to another new program that we have which luckily I'll be part of again. Held classes to certify on boarding Team Leaders, Supervisors and Specialists.

April - June
Wohoo, Cincinnati! More work but more play. This part of the year, I got to celebrate my first ever birthday overseas.

July until August (present)
Back to Back classes for the last program I have joined.

One year, traveled twice for 3 programs.
Ah, not a bad year after all.

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venice said...

yay, its been a year alright! =)