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May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! 08

To all the mother's out there - here's my sincerest shout out:

And we all know why they are special. Anyway, I had my usual mani-pedi home service early afternoon. My nails are shouting magenta-pinkish-purple in color. About 2PM we (my sister and mama) went to the hospital to pay a visit to my tita. we bought a cake for the other mom's who are there, taking care of my tita. I took a picture of the cake (not so special by the way), kaya ko sinabi is because i took a picture of the cake with my inaanak - hehe. he's so guwapo.
Anyway, after a short visit - the three of us headed to SM Manila for a hair treatment. I paid a good 2-digit worth of thousands. I wasn't shocked but for me it was something I think really expensive. I normally have my hair relaxed and all that but I don't spend more than 2K for it, and now that we all had treatment - i felt the bill rocketed to the ceiling of some sort - mahal! hindi pa rebond to ha. Anyway, what can I do - i just had a look at the receipt and never glanced at it again. hahaha.
But I love my hair - got a Loreal product too by the way - mahal pa din. hahaha.
Happy Mom's Day Again!
Ma - i love you.

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