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May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today i'm celebrating my 25th birthday.

Yesterday, Marvin and I spent few good hours together. We had breakfast together since after 2 hours of my shift is the end of his shift - we can actually catch up by then. After breakfast, no mall was open yet so we decided to take the bus going to Baclaran church. Whenever I pray in Baclaran, I can say my prayers get answered. You know that my tita is pretty ill still. After baclaran, we went to MOA. Had a little stroll and spent the day together.

Today, I didn't think I'll celebrate or something like that. We didn't even cook anything, but mama decided to have spaghetti at the least. I went to church this afternoon then went to Metro hsopital to visit my tita for the first time.

She's not in a pleasant condition. I couldn't stop myself from crying when I saw her. I told her that its my birthday and I sent a wish to heaven that she be healed. I went home a bit satisfied - to finally be able to see her.

After this day, the countdown will begin for my 26th :p

There are many reasons to thank the Lord. What I am today is because of him and the many blessings he showered me with. I wish that he continuously gives me the opportunity to bring back the glory.

Thank you Lord for everything.

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