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May 4, 2007

It's Mah Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Yes!, It's my 24th birthday and special people made it so special today. First off, I got a Body Shop gift from the Ma (my manager), and I got a card from my friends and LP Family. I'm happy. :)

Marvin surprised me by showing up here at the office. He didn't have enough sleep, right after his duty, he went here at Roxas straight from Lipa and he just wanted to spend some time with me. Ouch, super touched. We had lunch at MOA - stars and stripes lang - we've never been there. But he's dying to eat again in Burgoo. Here's one of our many pics that time --- > puro platter!!! hehehehe

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