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May 5, 2007

Off to Cebu...

There is a saying 'there's always the first time'. Today marks the beginning of hopefully a good, quite entertaining and worth experience at CEBU.

I was bound for flight PAL PR850 at 5:15PM.
No one else joined me at the airport but Marvin. I had a big red luggage and a black shoulder bag. Mind you - I was excited and thrilled to be riding solo. I can't remember exactly what time I was actually packing my stuff. At around 1:30 PM, Marvin and I hailed for a cab and off to airport we went.
When we were near Domestic Road, I felt the shiver and fear - I'm alone kaya. :( About 25 minutes more, I finally was able to set my foot on the Domestic Airport (drama ko!). We had to eat because I don't know how early we were! And then I checked my baggage in. It was so funny, I thought the airport was like a big market full of busy people and that you can't seem to find the counter names and all. Hehe, mali pala. Very straightforward. Wala mashadong tao, I immediately saw the counter where I was suppose to deposit my luggage. It's been days that I kept wondering kung pano nila kukunin ung bag ko at mapupunta sa eroplano; Marvin worked in an airline company before so he knows and I've been bugging him pero sabi nya, wag mo na problemahin yon noh. Buti na lang, while watching Prison Break, bigla kong nakita how the luggages are being handled before it 'board' the plane.
After kong mag check in, I went out of the terminal proper to join Marvin pa. 4PM I went inside again, this time - no going out na. Super hugs and all. :) hehe. I paid the terminal fee, made through some screening again and waited for the plane.

More than 1 hour have past and its boarding time. It was a nice flight. My first entry on to a plane - can you imagine? I can't die yet because I have not experienced the world yet!! haha, grabe na to - I feel baduy na. Gosh, lamigin pa naman ako - super ac naman sa plane. I saw an artista - haha, kasabay ko sa plane. I'm on the right side - window seat.

After an hour, we landed - weeeee. :)

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