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Apr 26, 2007

DVD Marathon!!

Yes, because I've been sick and home body, I am definitely trying to use my quality time. What else to do if you have stocks of dvd and a PC? - watch and watch and watch ka lang, just like me. 'kumota' hanggang kaya pa ng mata mo. hahahaa

I went to the doctor pala and said that I can't report pa for work. He has advised me not to see anyone yet, i'm still contagious because the virus is at healing process pa lang. I then went to meet Adele in the afternoon to give my medical reimbursements and sign my SSS forms. I also bought few items for my Cebu trip - excited naman!
My fit to work papers from the doctor said, May 9 but I'm reporting na for work at the end of the month so todo marathon paren ako! Mahirap na, I wouldn't have time na sa susunod, hehe. :D

Mind you, my latest addiction pala is Prison Break. As in, I watched the last few episodes of Veronica Mars again kasi I liked it so much then I continued with Prison Break.

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